Galvanize #MarketingMadness

Earlier this month, I had the pleasure to speak at Galvanize Austin's first #MarketingMadness event, along with Rebecca Ewing, VP at JDI. In just one year, Galvanize has created a thriving and diverse entrepreneurial community in Austin.

The presentation, Reaching & Engaging Your Target Customers, is geared towards founders with limited marketing experience. While the topic is meaty and I could easily spend months on it, we were only able to scratch the surface with a 30 min session. The key takeaway is that before a team even begins to think about marketing tactics to reach prospects, they should first dedicate diligence to knowing their market, their buyers' pain and their journey through primary and secondary research. It's a stage that so often gets glossed over in the race to gin up demand for a product or service, as evidenced by the product Hall of Shame examples leading the presentation.